Update: 02/16/2018

FREE PUPPY:  We are considering making one fox-red female available for co-ownership from within one of our winter/spring litters.   Those puppies then become part of our future breeding program.  Please contact the kennel phone# if you would like to be considered and I can share details with you.  Likely would come out of the Zoey litter, which means an early April takehome date.

We have found our male co-ownership, and 1st female co-ownership.  We are considering doing a 2nd female co-ownership.  Call kennel to inquire.  We do ask that you be within a 30-45 minute drive from the SE metro.

Update: 6/2/2017

Final Spring 2017 litters.  Multiple fall/winter 2017 litters planned.  Still taking deposits for these 2 litters and fall litters.  Call kennel for details on waiting list.

Sophie X Charlie - born April 12th.  3 females & 1 male.  Fox reds. Take home will be around May 31st.  Selection process planned for May 25/26.  I will be contacting those with deposits down a couple of weeks in advance to schedule the selection visit.  Litter SOLD OUT.

Photo updates will be coming soon.  See updated puppy pictures on Facebook at "Grove British Labs".

Update: 10/2/2016
Pepin had her litter.  Larger litter of 6 females and 4 male pups..  All are fox reds.  Have already had their first vet visit and had their dew claws removed .

Pictures of the puppies will be put on Facebook soon.

Update: 11/4/2015
Tess pups are all sold.
He is a cute little guy.  We have started individual crate training and potty training with him already.  He will likely look a lot like his mother Tess.

Update: 7/20/2015
FREE PUPPY:  One fox-red female available for co-ownership.  We are considering keeping one of the Tess X Seger puppies as a future breeding dog.  Let me know if you would like to be considered.

Update: 2/1/2015
FREE PUPPY:  One fox-red female available for co-ownership.

We have held back one fox-red female puppy from the November Bella X Seger litter to be used for future breeding.  She is now 12 weeks old.  She has been crate trained and potty trained.  She also has had her 2nd set of booster shots and is microchipped.  Great puppy  She is calm and is a quick learner.  Please call if you would like to discuss the co-ownership option.  Pictures below are from 3 months old.

Update: 4/25/2015
We are starting to take deposits ($300) on later 2015 litters. We are planning 3-4 litters in second half of this year.
Emmy, Puka, Tess and Daisy in that order. Earliest litter will likely be born in July.
Update: 1/6//2015
All puppies have been sold and gone to new home from our late 2014 litters. We just have 1 female puppy which we are considering doing a co-ownership with. Will post pictures of her on facebook soon.
Update: 12/23/14
All of the Tess puppies are SOLD.
All of Bella's female puppies are SOLD.  We have one female we are still considering doing a co-ownership with someone.
There are still some remaining male puppies from Bella's litter.  All are fox reds.
Update: 12/8//2014
There have been some updated photos on our Facebook page (Grove British Labs).  It includes individual pictures of the 4 male puppies and 1 female puppy we still have available from our 2 December litters from Tess and Bella.

Update: 12/5//2014

There have been some updated photos and videos put out on our Facebook page (Grove British Labs).
Still have the option for 1 female co-ownership for a Tess puppy.
We do have 2-3 male puppies still available.  I'll post pictures once the selection process is finished this weekend.  All of them are great looking puppies.
Update: 11/5/2014

Tess X Seger litter  - Link to pictures of puppies.  Also includes one video.

Bella X Seger litter  - Link to pictures of puppies.  Also includes one video.

Update: 11/3/2014
Tess X Seger litter - Had her puppies on Oct 25th.    Fox red puppies primarily.  5 females and 4 males.  Going to new homes starting around Dec 12th.
Bella X Seger litter - Had her puppies on Nov 1st.  6 females and 3 males.  Fox Red pups primarily.  Going to new homes between Dec 19-23.

Some open deposits still available between these 2 litters.  May consider one more co-ownership.

Will start posting pictures on Facebook and website in the next week.

Update: 9/22/2014
Tess X Seger litter - Expecting at the end of October 2014. Fox red puppies primarily. Going to new homes around Dec 15th.
Bella X Seger litter - Expecting at the beginning of November 2014. Fox Red pups primarily. Going to new homes around Dec 22nd.

Ruby X Seger  2014 puppies are SOLD.
Puppies going to new homes in mid-June.
Fox red litter.
Next breedings will be happening in August and September.
There may be a co-ownership opportunity with a 2-3 month old fox red female puppy soon. Co-owner found.  Please call if interested in future options.

Bella X Seger puppies are SOLD.
Puppies going to new homes in early January 2014.
Fox Red litter.
Pictures can be found on Facebook Page: Grove British Labs

Tess X Jasper puppies are SOLD.
Puppies going to new homes in late December 2013.
Fox Red litter
Pictures can be found on Facebook Page: Grove British Labs

Jada X Jasper Litter: Mostly fox red, one more yellow.
Born on July 18th, 2013
6 males, 1 female puppy
1 male puppy not yet spoken for.
Ready for new homes the first half of September.
Pictures at 6 weeks old.  This is the remaining male pup from Jada's litter.
Additional pictures can be found on new Facebook Page: Grove British Labs
Tess X Seger: All are fox red puppies.
Tess had her puppies on Saturday, March 16, 2013
2 females, 2 males. 
Ready for new homes in May 2013.  LITTER SOLD OUT.
Pictures can be found on new Facebook Page: Grove British Labs

Ruby\Seger Puppies born December 17, 2012
Five male puppies.  1 female puppy.  Fox reds with some yellow.
All puppies going to new homes by early February. 
Puppies at 5 1/2 weeks old.
Pictures at 2 weeks old.  

Bella\Seger Puppies born November 24, 2012.
Five female puppies.  Four male puppies.  Mainly fox reds.
Currently taking deposits.  LITTER IS SOLD OUT.

Males puppies at 6 weeks old.  Went to new homes by late January.  LITTER IS SOLD OUT.
Puppies: Week 1

Ruby\Ben Puppies.   Five female puppies.  All puppies are sold.
Week 3
Week 1
Bella\Ben Puppies.  Six female puppies and 4 male puppies in the litter.  All puppies are sold.


Male Puppies

Female Puppies


Jada\Ben Puppies.  All Puppies are SOLD
Week 2 1/2 
Week 4
Week 6 - remaining pups - 2 males

Tess\Ben litter born on June 25th.  Ready for new home by last part of August.

Bella\Ben litter born on May 7th.   Four females and 5 males make up the litter.  They will be ready for new homes by end of June 2011.
Pictures from 5/31/2011

Ruby X Gus litter



Pictures of Jada X Rocket litter from week 5-7. 
Updated pictures of Jada X Rocket litter from week 4. 
 Pictures of Jada X Rocket litter from week 1.

All puppies are sold from Ruby/Gus litter
Litter during first week:
Here are puppy pictures from the last Ruby/Gus breeding. 
Puppies (4-5 weeks old)
Here are pictures of some past litters:
Black puppies
Fox Red Puppies
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