We are looking for some part-time assistance with our dogs and young puppies.  One is a volunteer position, and the other would be paid.



With each litter we like to plan one or two 60-90 minute socialization times with the puppies so they begin to be comfortable around various people/situations.  Puppies would typically be in the 5-8 week range.   We would limit the group size to 4-5 people total, and might be dependent on the size of the litter.  If interested in being called when this volunteer opportunity arises, please PM me with your contact details (name, phone#, age, distance from kennel, available times) and I will add you to the list.  Would consider ages 5 to 95.


Part-time Paid Position:

There are times we need assistance with our adult dogs (4 British Labs in the 3-9 year range).  This would include outside exercise (fenced pen or front yard) where they play as a group, potty break, and feeding (morning and late afternoon).

There are also times where we might travel for 3-5 days and we would like assistance in caring for any litters we have at the time.  In those cases, it is more ideal if it is someone who would have the option of overnight stays.  Best option is someone who is old enough to drive themselves and comfortable around multiple dogs.  Would consider ages 16 to 70.

Please PM me to discuss.