Over time we have had many inquiries about using our stud dogs for breeding services.   We have made some of those requests work so long as guidelines were followed.

Going forward, we are only offering stud services by means of artificial insemination using frozen semen samples that we have reserved with the majority of our stud dogs.  The insemination would need to be coordinated and performed with our local vet – Inver Grove Animal Hospital.

Decisions made towards using one of our stud dog semen samples would still be made on a case-by-case basis.  But at minimum, these things would have to be completed by any interested clients prior to contacting us:

  1.  Dog fully tested for OFA hips and elbows, and the document results provided.
  2. Dog fully genetically tested for CNM, PRA-Optigen, and EIC; and the document results provided.
  3. Pedigree History report of your dog.  We have spent a lot of time improving the quality of our breeding lines.  So it is important that the pairing would produce good quality puppies.
  4. Purpose of the breeding.  Will you be selling the puppies?
  5. All puppies from the litter would be marketed as limited registration puppies.  So they could not be used to produce additional litters.  Document proof needs to be provided.



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