Check out our Facebook page – Grove British Labs – for updated pictures of these litters as they happen.  We update pictures about every 2 weeks when we have litters to show puppy owners with deposits placed.


For those still considering putting down a puppy deposit, we provide scheduled Open House opportunities for you to visit our kennel when we have puppies which are old enough to handle.  Most of them are held at the beginning of one of our puppy selection nights, so we want to respect those who have deposits in and are doing their puppy selections.

In all cases, we do ask that you call the kennel at 952-484-0112 to schedule a specific time for your visit.  We want to avoid having too many people showing up at the same time.  Plus we want to be available to answer any questions you might have.

YEAR: 2023
Update: 1/09/2023
Expected Litter #  (FALL 2022 – SPRING 2023) Litter already bred Projected Takehome
Litter #1 (Kinni X Jackson)  SOLD OUT Bred on July 16 November 4, 2022
Litter #2 (Shelbey X Chase)  SOLD OUT Bred on July 26 November 12, 2022
Litter#3 (Lucy X Dash)  SOLD OUT Bred on August 17 December 9, 2022
Litter#4 (Penny X Jackson)  SOLD OUT Bred on August 21 December 9, 2022
Litter#5 (Ginger X Maxx)  SOLD OUT Bred September 15 January 6, 2023
PROJECTIONS/PLANS  2023 Approx Date Approx Takehome
Litter#6 (Dakota X Knox) Bred December 2022 April 2023
Litter#7 (Ruby X Maxx) Bred January 2023 May 2023
*** June 2023
***  By the end of February 2023 we should have a better idea on projected Spring 2023 schedule.  Now is the time to get in deposits for Spring and Fall 2023 litters.   Some are already reserving spots for Winter/Spring 2024.  Litters can be spoken for anywhere from 4-8 months in advance.  A deposit is used to reserve your spot on the selection list.





YEAR: 2022

Update: 4/1/2022

This is the projected order for our mothers to have their litters this cycle (FALL 2021 – SPRING 2022):

Shelbey x Chase Bred – September Birth – Born Sept 23                 SOLD OUT
Dixie x Chase Bred – September Birth – Born Sept 26                 SOLD OUT
Zoey x Knox Bred – November Birth – Born November 8         SOLD OUT
Abby x Maxx Bred – November Birth – Born November 25      SOLD OUT
Josie x Knox Bred – January Birth       Born January 24            SOLD OUT
Ruby x Dash Bred – February Birth    Born February 12         SOLD OUT
Holly x Maxx Bred -February Birth     Born February 22         SOLD OUT
Kinni X Jackson Bred -March Birth          Born March 4    SOLD OUT
Lucy X Jackson Bred -March Birth          Born March 19              SOLD OUT



YEAR: 2021

Update: 12/24/2021

Projected Upcoming Litters  (these are best guesses at this point.  The final schedule is determined 4 months prior to litter takehome dates:
Fall Litters (Oct-Dec 2021)

The fall litters began about 4 weeks behind our projected schedule.  But the females will be coming in quickly now.

        • #1 Shelbey X Chase:   Breeding completed.   Fox reds.  3 females, 2 males.  Nov 12 takehomes.  SOLD OUT


        • #2 Dixie X Chase:  Breeding completed.   Fox reds.  5 females, 3 males.   Nov 19 takehomes.  SOLD OUT


        • #3 Zoey x Knox:  Breeding completed.  Fox reds.  5 females, 1 males.  Expecting Dec 31 takehomes.  SOLD OUT


      Winter Litters (Jan-Mar 2022)

      The fall litters began about 4 weeks behind our projected schedule.  But the females will be coming in quickly now.

            • #4 Abby X Maxx:   Breeding completed.   Fox reds.  4 females, 4 males. Expecting  Jan 14 takehomes.  SOLD OUT


            • #5 Josie X Knox:   Breeding completed.  Fox reds.  1 females, 3 males..  Expecting  Mar 18 takehomes.


  • Spring Litters (April-June 2022)

    The breeding for spring litters has started.  They will be pretty close together.

          • #6 Ruby x Dash:   Breeding completed.  Fox reds.  4 females, 4 males.   April 8 takehomes.  SOLD OUT


          • #7 Dakota x Dash:   Breeding completed.   Fox reds.   Dakota did NOT get pregnant.


          • #8 Holly x Maxx:   Breeding completed.  Fox reds.  2 females, 7 males.    April 15 takehomes.


          • #9 Kinni X Jackson:   Breeding completed.  Fox reds.  3 females, 7 males.    April 22 takehomes.


          • #10 Lucy X Jackson:   Breeding completed.  Fox reds.  5 females, 1 males.   May 13 takehomes.


          • After these litters, we are into Fall (Oct/Nov) for takehomes.  Already taking deposits for fall litters.


Future schedule will be published as we know.  But if you are looking for fall, winter or spring puppies, now is the time to place deposits on those litters to reserve your spot in the selection process.  Typically our litters are sold out before they are born.


If you are interested in getting a puppy from Grove British Kennels, the best thing to do is get a deposit in early to get on the selection list.  Most of our litters are sold out in advance. 
You can move your deposit to later litters if the timing of a particular litter doesn’t work out, but our deposit is non-refundable unless we are not able to provide you a puppy in the specified 3-month window.  We can help you match a puppy to your specific needs.
If desired we can setup a time for you to visit our kennel in Inver Grove Heights.  However, for the puppies’ health, we prefer to do that only when the puppies are old enough for visitors, not when they are still nursing from their mother. 
Since we are within the metro area, we get tons of requests for visits – so we need to manage and coordinate those visits by taking into account our puppy schedule.  Kennel visits can be arranged when we have puppies we are able to show (typically 6 weeks old).  We advertise Open Houses on Facebook for when kennel visits are allowed, but we still ask that you schedule a time so that not everyone arrives at once.
We are a smaller breeder.  We find placement homes for most of our breeding dogs.  So as a result, for many of them they are only at our Inver Grove Heights kennel when they are being bred, or when they are whelping/nursing puppies.   The rest of the time they are with their placement home.  We do provide several pictures of each of our breeding dogs on the website Dams and Stud tabs.  We can answer any specific questions you might have about an individual dog.
A $300 deposit is required to reserve your picking order in the puppy selection process.  When sending in a deposit, please include all of your contact info (phone, email, and address) and also whether you are looking for a male or female puppy.  Also, let us know the earliest timeframe you would be ready to take a puppy home.
Puppies can be picked up at 7-8 weeks old.  We wait till 8 weeks for those customers who wish to have their puppy shipped to them.  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.  However, typically we prefer not to ship puppies, and have not done so for several years.
At Grove British Kennels, we will provide you with general health info, as well as info on training and nutrition.  Updated vaccination information, pedigrees, and puppy guarantees will also be provided.  Your puppy will have already had their dew claws removed, and received its first set of vaccinations and deworming.
We start the puppies on group crate and potty training at 4 weeks of age, to help make their transition to your home easier.  We spend a lot of time with the puppies after they are weaned from their mother – so you will be receiving a puppy that is very well socialized and ready to interact with people.
After you bring the new puppy home, we are still available for any questions you may have along the way.  We always enjoy receiving puppy pictures as they get older and hear stories of what the puppies are up to.



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