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Update: 4/23/2019
Currently taking $300 deposits to reserve pups in these litters.  Our fall litters will start in the Sept-Oct timeframe.
  • Josie X Dash – Pups born on January 9.  5 Males & 3 Females.  Selections happening February 22/23.  Takehome the following week.  SOLD OUT
  • Pepin X Dash – Pups born on January 13.  2 Males & 3 Females.  Selections happening March 2.  Takehome the following week.  SOLD OUT.
  • Holly X Foxx – Pups born on January 30.  5 Males & 3 Females.  Selections happening March 22.  Takehome the following week.  SOLD OUT
  • Puka X Foxx – Pups born on February 8.  2 Males & 2 Females.  Selections happening March 29.  Takehome the following week.   SOLD OUT.


  • Zoey X Jasper** – Pups born on March 28.  7 Males & 1 Female.   Takehome in later May.
  • Abby X Charlie**- Pups born on April 11.  3 Males & 4 Female.   Takehome in early June.
** I plan to go down the list of current deposits after Abby’s litter is born, and I know how many total male and female puppies I have available for late spring/summer takehome.
Note: We are already taking deposits toward Fall takehome puppies.   Typically our deposits are 3-6 months ahead of our takehome dates.  So now is the time to get on the fall schedule with a deposit.
See the Litter tab for additional details.



We post pictures and videos of our current litters on Facebook.  That is the way we keep our future puppy owners informed of their puppy’s progress until their selection date arrives (week 7).  Then their takehome date is roughly 1 week later (8 weeks).


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